Integration involves:

1. A positive learning environment where students develop together.

2. Belonging to a caring and supportive community.

3. Quality education for all, including the gifted and talented, those with special needs and a child-centred ethos.

4. Embracing difference and diversity, including the main cultural traditions in Northern Ireland and those from other parts of the world.

5. Mutual respect and encouraging students to actively help each other.

6. Celebrating the achievements of our students, whether they are academic, sporting, practical or creative.

7. Recognising effort as well as achievement, and the personal best of each individual.

8. Fostering the growth of each person within a Christian ethos whilst fully embracing those of diverse religious beliefs and none.

9. Promoting the worth and self-esteem of all individuals in the college community.

10. Striving to make sure that all feel welcomed, valued and inspired to excel.

Our definition of respect is:

R    Reach up - and reach out
E    Excel – be excellent
S    Succeed – struggle if necessary
P    Pause – think before you speak or act
E    Expect more – of yourself and others
C    Care – help others
T    Tolerate each other’s differences


Drumragh Integrated Prospectus

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Sixth Form Prospectus

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