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Following the latest guidance issued by the Minister last night, all students will need a face mask from Monday 31st August. You will see the guidance below. #facemasks #update #students #returntoschool

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we prepare for the start of the new academic year. The most recent guidance from the Department of Education arrived last Thursday and our staff returned yesterday to complete training in the new guidance to ensure the school is as safe as possible for the safe return of our students. 

The safety of our students and staff are paramount and staff have spent all summer preparing the building, putting new procedures in place and developing teaching resources to ensure each and every student can access his or her curriculum as safely as possible. You will find below some practical guidance which will help you and your son or daughter prepare for the new year.


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Please read the following instructions for results collection carefully, they are for your safety and that of the staff.

Dear Student and parent or guardian.

We have just received the following message from CCEA

"At 4pm Monday 17 August 2020, Minister Weir asked CCEA to ensure that all AS & A2 students receive the highest of either their teacher assessed grades or the grade already provided. New AS and A2 results will issued in due course.  You may wish to defer any appeal until the AS and A2 results are made available to you.”  

We would strongly encourage all students to collect their Centre Assessment Grades from the school and let us know if you would like to lodge an appeal.

The staff of Drumragh wish you every success.

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