Save Our Children's Education

Save Our Children’s Education

There is currently a draft education budget out for consultation, for the year 2015-16. If the proposed 7% cut is implemented, in one year, it will have a devastating effect on your children’s education and on schools across Northern Ireland. You have a chance to respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. through the consultation which is open until 29th December.


Key points include these:


·         Many schools have already suffered a number of cuts and staff redundancies in recent years, in order to remain financially viable. There is therefore little or no extra capacity to make further cuts.


·         Therefore any significant cuts in future will risk a negative and extremely damaging impact on the quality of education schools can provide.


·         Possible negative outcomes of the cuts include:


o   Excessive class sizes, thereby reducing the quality of care and coaching each teacher can provide for his or her students;

o   Unacceptable health and safety risks because of the above;

o   An inability to accommodate the increased class sizes, because of the physical size of classrooms;

o   Undue stress on remaining staff, because of the consequent, increased and unreasonable pressures placed upon them;

o   Potentially a complete inability to have teachers in some classes at all.


·         You will appreciate from the points made so far that the proposed budget is catastrophic. Despite the best efforts of each school, those who lose out the most will include our pupils.


In addition to the concerns outlined above, you could also add the following:


·         Urge the Executive to recognise the short-sightedness of allowing cuts to the education system; our students are our future leaders and workforce, therefore savings achieved now will impede future economic recovery, growth and development. Short-term gain will create long-term loss. It appears for example that during economic difficulties in the Republic of Ireland, no teaching positions were lost because the Government there recognised that when economic recovery came, it would be important to have a well-educated workforce to make the most of future progress.


·         Grant-maintained integrated schools have no financial safety net; please ask that all schools and sectors are treated equally, with equal cuts imposed and equal support given.


·         Inevitably the proposed cuts will have a very damaging effect upon:

o   Raising standards;

o   Closing the performance gap;

o   Developing the future workforce;

o   Improving the learning environment;

o   Equality of opportunity for the socially disadvantaged;

o   The livelihoods of many people.


·         ‘Inescapable pressures’ upon schools include:

o   Students;

o   The need to have teachers in front of classes;

o   The need for a well-supported curriculum;

o   The development of the economic future of Northern Ireland.


1.       Please urge the Minister for Education to make every possible effort to minimise or avoid the proposed cuts.

2.       Please urge the Executive to recognise the vital importance of protecting the education of our students.

3.       Please also urge the Minister to reduce the proposed budget cut to NICIE (the Northern Ireland Council for Integration), which is facing a proposed cut of 15%. NICIE fulfils a very valuable role in supporting integrated schools.

Please submit your response to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The more the better.  


Remember this is a consultation over a proposed budget. Leaders, staff, governors, parents, unions, DE and the Minister need to be united in urging a change in this budget. Use your voice please, before 29th December.



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