Welcome from the Head of Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form at Drumragh Integrated College. Please download our Sixth Form Prospectus to gain a flavour of the vibrancy and diversity that makes our College such a unique and exciting place to study. We are a student centred college in that we believe academic success requires both the expert teacher guidance you would associate with demanding advanced level courses, and a large emphasis on emotional health and wellbeing. At Drumragh we believe that to be truly successful at Advanced Level it is necessary to cater for all student needs including those that exist outside of the classroom. We work hard to get to know our students, to develop positive and honest relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We maintain that academic success in the long term is dependant on high standards and expectations in the short term and so we have very clear structures in which staff and students cooperate to achieve common objectives.

The Sixth Form at Drumragh Integrated College leads by example. We are role models to our younger pupils and this is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Yet, we are very much part of the whole school. We conduct ourselves according to the principles of integration – to respect ourselves, to respect each other, to respect our environment and always to learn to the best of our ability.

These values have played a central role in the Sixth Form’s success. A very high proportion of our students apply to university every year, most gaining access to their first choice institutions and courses. Not only this, when our students leave at eighteen they are mature and thoughtful and have an appreciation of how to be a caring and productive member of their communities.

The sixth form at Drumragh Integrated College is a happy, thriving environment and a place of real learning. We have now begun to settle into our brand new, state of the art building where our facilities are second to none. Our future is bright and you are welcome to be a part of that future. If you have any questions or would like more information do feel free to contact me directly.

D Lilleker

Head of Sixth Form





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