Drumragh Integrated College

Careers Department 

Staff Members: Mrs E Bell (HOD), Mrs J Donald 


In recognising the overall aims of the school the Careers Department at Drumragh Integrated College aims to:

  • Help students to grow in self confidence and in appreciation of their abilities and personal qualities so that they develop a positive self-image.
  • Assist students in recognising their strengths and weaknesses, while acknowledging their limitations, to help develop their full potential.
  • Get to know each student through the careers programme, consultation with staff and individual guidance interviews.
  • Assist students to prepare for crucial life transitions during and immediately after school years, thus encompassing the principles of life long learning.
  • Equip students with the essential decision making skills.
  • Provide up to date information regarding opportunities for training and the range of courses available for further and higher education.
  • Liaise with parents, past students, professionals and local employers within the community to involve them by facilitation school presentation, mock interviews and any other help they can offer.
  • Assist subject teachers in the implementation of Careers education across the curriculum to facilitate the use of resources.
  • Liaise with the ICT co-ordinator regarding the use of appropriate websites, software packages and web based packages.
  • Assist students in formulating their Personal Career Plans (PCP’s) and, through guidance interviews, to set realistic goals and targets.
  • Inform parents/guardians and students regarding, subject choices in years 10 and 12, career routes and Further Education opportunities. 


Key Stage 3

Year 8 students will be completing Employability during Learning for Life and Work.  This will be delivered during an 8 week cycle. 

The areas to be delivered:

  • Work in the Local and Global Economy
  • Career Management
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • Skills and Qualities for Work

Year 9 students will be completing Employability during Learning for Life and Work.  This will be delivered during an 8 week cycle. 

The areas to be delivered:

  • Enterprise
  • Local and Global Economy
  • Personal Planning

Year 10

Year 10 is what is called a key transition point.  During the spring term, they will have to choose what subjects to study for GCSE.  Therefore, we will need to focus firstly on how important the skill of decision making.  Their employability lessons will be delivered during Learning for Life and Work.  This will be delivered during an 8 week cycle.  Year 10 students will also take part in subject talks and talks from external speakers including the careers advisor in preparation for making their GCSE choices.

The areas to be delivered will include decision making:

  • To become aware of the different types of decision making styles and consider how these are more appropriate in certain situations.
  • To compare their approach with others and in different contexts.
  • To give and respond to feedback.

Decision making is a process in which a person selects an option from a range of choices.  We use different decision making styles for different decisions.  Most people use more than one style and vary the style according to the situation.

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Key Stage 4

Year 11 students will be completing the careers curriculum during an 8 week cycle including career talks and subject workshops throughout the year.

The areas to be delivered:

  • Goals/Targets/Action Planning
  • Personal Carer Planning
  • Researching Successful People
  • Independent Career Research
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • Self Awareness – Personal Career Plan
  • What is Work?
  • Changes in the World of work and working patterns.
  • Labour Market information
  • Opportunities in Europe
  • STEM
  • Young People and Employment Laws
  • Health and Safety
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Detailed Job Study
  • Personal Career Plan Update

Year 12

Year 12 students will be completing the careers curriculum during an 8 week cycle including career talks, Interview Skills and subject workshops throughout the year. The Year 12 students will also have a career interview by a member of the careers service. During the career curriculum students will cover the following aspects:

  • Review and Planning
  • Interview Skills Day Preparation
  • Decision Making

Key Stage 5

During year 13 and 14, all students follow a detailed Career Education and Guidance Programme. This is part of the timetabled PD/Careers programme, during which students get the opportunity to talk individually with their form teacher and/or careers teacher. Students can also avail of the support of the Careers Advisor when required. Students are encouraged to think about their career goals and how to achieve their goals. In particular, they are encouraged to research a variety of post-16 options including university courses, apprenticeships and gap year programmes.

Below are just some of the services our careers department offers to our young people: 

  • Individual careers guidance interviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Interview techniques
  • UCAS workshops and seminars
  • University open day entitlement
  • UCAS careers convention
  • CV Preparation
  • Residential course opportunities
  • Queens University and University of Ulster open day visits
  • Work Experience/shadowing
  • Student finance workshop
  • Industry expert guest speakers
  • Exploration of apprenticeship routes
  • Gap year opportunities
  • A personalised approach to careers guidance

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Careers Service for Students

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