Drumragh Integrated College

Code of Conduct

The college code of conduct has been developed to protect the rights of each member of the college community, to allow each member to fulfil his/her responsibilities and to encourage everyone to learn to the best of his/her ability.  This code is based on commitment to work, co-operation and consideration. These will be expressed in a number of ways:

a Quiet orderly start to the lesson:

• Arrive on time.

• Be of smart appearance - correct uniform.

• Enter the room sensibly.

• Go straight to their workplace and prepare for learning.

• Take off and put away outdoor wear.

• Take out all appropriate equipment e.g. books, pens, planner, homework.

• Put bags away.

• Remain silent during registration.




during lessons

• When your teacher, or anyone else, talks to the whole class, remain silent, concentrate and listen.

• If the class is asked a question, put up your hand to answer. Do not call out (unless you are asked for quick ideas).

• If you wish to ask a question or need help, put up your hand.

• You must have respect for others in the class and their views.

• You are expected to work sensibly with your classmates; do not distract or annoy them.

• You are responsible for your own work and for helping to create an atmosphere for good learning in the classroom.

• Eating, drinking and chewing gum are not allowed with the exception of a bottle of water which is encouraged in most lessons.

• The only jewellery that is acceptable is a watch and one pair of small plain gold/silver stud earrings.

• Mobile phones must be switched off on entering the college. They will be confiscated if seen.

• If you arrive late without good reason, you must expect to be detained for at least the amount of time you missed in order to make up the work.

• You must ask permission to go to the toilet during a lesson.