Drumragh Integrated College

English Department

Staff Members: Mrs C Moore (HOD), Mrs R McCarthy, Mr E Duncan, Mr R Woods, Mrs P Parks, Mrs H McLaughlin, Ms J Keenan


At Drumragh Integrated College, the English Department aims to:

  • Enable students to become confident, creative and critical learners,
  • Foster a love of literature, writing and using their imagination,
  • Provide students with the skills to deconstruct texts,
  • Develop communication skills for their future.



Key Stage 3

Students study a variety of texts, genres and media content to foster an enjoyment of reading, writing and using their imagination.

Year 8 Grammar Pathway

Personal Writing

Gothic Literature

A Christmas Carol

Novel Study

Study of Shakespeare Text

Year 8

Who am I?

Victorian Literature

A Christmas Carol

Novel Study

Introduction to Shakespeare

Myths and Legends

Year 9


Hitting the Right Note (Persuasive Writing)

Christmas Debate

Novel Study

Study of Drama

Writer’s Craft – Fiction and Non Fiction

Year 10

Reading Non Fiction

Creative Writing

Winter Poetry

Novel Study

Spoken Language

Romeo and Juliet

Key Stage 4

English Language, CCEA.

Unit 1: Writing for Purpose and Audience and Reading to Access Non-fiction and Media Texts

Unit 2: Speaking and Listening

Unit 3: Studying Spoken and Written Language

Unit 4: Personal or Creative Writing and Reading Literary and Non-fiction Texts.

English Literature, CCEA.

Unit 1: The Study of Prose

Unit 2: The Study of Drama and Poetry

Unit 3: The Study of Shakespeare.

Key Stage 5

At KS5, students follow the CCEA specification for English Literature. Across two years they will study:

Unit AS 1: The Study of Poetry 1900–Present and Drama 1900–Present

Unit AS 2: The Study of Prose Pre 1900

Unit A2 1: Shakespearean Genres

Unit A2 2: The Study of Poetry Pre 1900 and Unseen Poetry

Unit A2 3: Internal Assessment


Lunch Time Clubs / After College Clubs

 English & Literacy Learning Groups

Sports Literacy

Reading Support

Extra Curricular Activities / Trips

Trip to London – Globe Theatre

Sponsored Read On

Virtual Book Club

Internal Writing Competitions

External Writing Competitions