Drumragh Integrated College

Mathematics Department

Staff Members: Ms K McConnell (Acting HOD), Mrs E Bell, Mrs J Donald, Mrs E McConkey, Ms L Toman, Mrs E Sproule


It is the aim of our department to promote the idea that mathematics is fun and it is so important in everyday life. We want pupils not to be afraid of maths, but instead to enjoy it and to succeed in it at every level. We try to ensure that all our rooms are filled with bright, vibrant displays of pupils’ super maths work. We recognise that often pupils will get stuck in maths and we are constantly encouraging pupils to come up and ask for help when they need it. Pupils are also encouraged to make use of the maths club when they have problems they need that little bit of extra help with. We track our pupils progress using our in school assessment procedure which involves twice yearly formal assessments. This together with the use of standardised tests helps us build up a picture of each pupil and it enables us to monitor and evaluate progress.  

We offer further maths as an extra GCSE after school and this is always very popular as is our A Level mathematics. There is a great reward for us when we regularly see pupils heading off to University to study a variety of courses where they will use and apply their Maths skills.  


Key Stage 3

In Years 8 and 9 we follow the same framework.

Term 1

  • statistics
  • number
  • perimeter, area, volume
  • angles.

Term 2

  • fractions, decimals, %
  • time, calendar, money
  • Algebra
  • probability.

Term 3

  • graph work
  • measure and shape
  • ratio and proportion.

In Year 10, we now follow the appropriate GCSE module in order to prepare as well as possible our pupils for the commencement of their GCSE in year 11. 

Key Stage 4

We follow CCEA GCSE Mathematics.

We cover modules M1-M4 in Year 11 and then M5-M8 in Year 12.

GCSE further mathematics is also run by CCEA and we cover pure maths in Year 11 and then mechanics and statistics in Year 12

We also offer OCN Essential Skills in Application of Number for those pupils who find the GCSE mathematics course too demanding.

Key Stage 5

We again use CCEA at A Level. We cover the 2 AS papers in Year 13, pure and applied mathematics.

In Year 14 we cover the A2 pure and applied Maths.

Lunch Time Clubs / After College Clubs 

We offer a very successful and busy after school club in maths for pupils in Year 12 who are identified as needing extra help. Here pupils can complete specific past paper questions and then get help with problems.

Extracurricular Activities / Trips

We take part in lots of Maths challenge at different levels, Junior Maths Challenge, UK Intermediate Maths challenge and UK Senior Maths Challenge.