Drumragh Integrated College

PE Department

Staff Members: Mr C Gallagher (HOD), Mrs K Murray, Mr N Kelly, Mr J Molloy


Drumragh College is committed to developing lifelong performers in a wide range of sporting activities and in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. We attempt to provide pupils with an opportunity to achieve a sense of accomplishment in a wide range of activities.

Pupils should have opportunities to

  • Increase their knowledge, understanding and skills through frequent and regular participation in a balanced programme. of Athletics, Games (invasion, fielding/striking and net/wall), Gymnastics, Swimming
  • Practise, refine and develop skills and specific techniques.
  • Experience, monitor and understand a range of short-term effects of exercise on the body systems including cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal systems;
  • Monitor and evaluate their own activity levels over a period of time and plan how they can fulfil the activity recommendations for health;
  • Develop their knowledge of safe practices and procedures when taking part in sport and physical activity
  • Develop the skills and capabilities required to analyse and improve their own and others’ work
  • Develop the skills and capabilities required to work effectively with others in tasks which require co-operation, creativity, problem solving, planning and team work.
  • Make decisions about what they want to achieve and how to improve the quality of their work
  • Experience and evaluate the health and fitness benefits of a range of different physical activities,
  • Develop positive sporting behaviour and a sense of fair play.
  • Participate in extra curricular activities.
  • Experience the fun element of physical activity.


    Our Sports department provide students with opportunities and provision to avail of a wide range of sports from all cultures.

Key Stage 3

A broad curriculum is provided for all pupils at key stage 3, enabling the development of skills in Athletics, Dance, Games (invasion, fielding/striking and net/wall), Gymnastics and Swimming. Throughout the year there is also many opportunities for pupils to participate in chosen sports with a range of extra-curricular activities available.

Key Stage 4

In year 11 and 12 pupils are again given a broad curriculum which include those sports in key stage 3 but additionally, pupils are given more choice of the activities that they can pursue and the opportunity to develop lifelong skills that will assist them in future career choices.

In year 11 students are given the opportunity to study OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies Level1/2 Award/Certificate

Cambridge Nationals are vocational qualifications at Level 1/2 for students aged 14–16.

They are designed to fit into the curriculum and to offer the same size, rigour and performance points as GCSEs.

The qualifications are recognised by Ofqual, DfE and by 16-19 providers as progression to A Level, further education or on to an apprenticeship or work. 

Sports studies consists of two qualifications an Award comprising two units and a Certificate comprising four units. Candidates completing the Certificate will complete two units in year 11 and two in year 12.

Course overview

Sport Studies Units

Qualification title


Award 60 GLH

Certificate 120 GLH


R051: Contemporary issues in sport

Written paper 1 hour – 60 marks




R052: Developing sports skills

Centre assessed task, OCR moderated





R053: Sports leadership

Centre assessed task, OCR moderated









R056: Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities

Centre assessed task, OCR moderated





Key: M = mandatory unit O = optional unit

Key Stage 5

In Year 13 students are given the opportunity to participate in sport as part of the enrichment programme and they can also complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Lunch Time Clubs / After College Clubs

Currently we offer some activities to Key Stage 3 students at break and lunchtime which include Football, Handball, Netball and Pop Lacrosse. 

Extracurricular Activities / Trips

Pupils are provided with opportunities to participate in a wide range extra-curricular activities. Some of the activities on offer include: Athletics, Cross Country, Soccer, Gaelic Football, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Rugby Swimming and Tennis.

The College competes in school competitions in many of these sports

The College also has an Show jumping team.

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