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As a parent and carer, your Safer Schools NI App will help you to navigate the digital world that your children and young people live in every day. It will help by giving you the tools to protect the children and young people in your care online.

Does your child or young person use TikTok, Snapchat, Among Us or Roblox? Do you know how to set privacy settings to keep them safe, or how to block, report and mute other users? With your Safer Schools App, you can get to grips with all of this and more.



The Safer Schools NI App will benefit you because…


  • It gives you prompts, updates and warnings about online trends and threats, helping you to stay in the loop with the digital world.
  • Find out about fake news, influencers, harmful content and more.
  • Get to grips with social media and all the various gaming platforms. Learn the latest buzzwords, the risks they might pose and how to set the best privacy settings for your child or young person.
    You can take an interactive Quick Quiz to track your learning and test your knowledge!
  • Find advice on issues such as bullying, image sharing, mental health, consent and healthy relationships. Learn how to talk to your child or young person about these issues and find out how you can support them should they face these challenges.



 SWGfL Report Harmful Content