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Revision Guide - Planning Ahead

With Tracking & Monitoring and Exam Season slowly sneaking up this means that, before long, students are going to be busy with revision schedules and lesson notes.

It’s all too easy to put off any type of ‘revision’ until the last minute, cramming everything into the precious weeks beforehand. Starting Revision early can result in  exam grades that are likely to be much better than expected!

So what are the benefits of starting revision early?

Less Stress!

There really is no better feeling than being prepared for upcoming exams, especially when you know you've put the work in class. Revising sooner rather than later means much less stress and anxiety, plus it allows you to study at your own pace rather than exhausting yourself with all-nighters a week before the big day.

Studying early means you get to take your time with revision and avoid last minute cramming or rushing through topics. It also means that the same amount of time can be allocated to each subject, instead of leaning toward favourite topics and avoiding the hardest. Another huge benefit is that getting on with exam preparation now allows you time to identify areas in which you aren’t feeling as confident, which means you can go over areas you're finding particularly challenging and get help if you need it.

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Planning Your Revision

The Practicalities of Revision

Ideas to Help You Revise

Remember - If in doubt - Ask

Thinking About the Exam

On the Day of the Exam